Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Suprise!! Your posted in the...

So today is the 22nd, a Wednesday. Yesterday I found out where my post is going to be.... ready drum role....... I’m going to the East. A village called Diang. I didn’t continue writing the email because we were all in shock and decided to coop over a few beers. Apparently quite a bit of volunteers get really upset if they get posted in that part of the country but after speaking to current volunteers they end up loving it! I was a little jealous of those going to the Extreme-North; I was secretly hoping to be sent to that part of the country. But hey, good news to all of you that are coming to visit me; you’ll be visiting the jungle!!! I’m going to find out more details on Friday when we get our seminar on traveling to post but I have to say that I’m more excited about it now then I was when I first got the news. I got to talk to one of the volunteers who is visiting us right now, she is posted in Bertoua- the regional capital of the East, its about an hour away from my village. So far I know I have electricity but I don’t think I have running water... hurray for the bucket baths. Most of Cameroon doesn’t have running water anyway. The east is very rich in wood, ivory and gold. The climate is hot and humid, similar to that of the Amazon; after all I am going to be living in the jungle! Hope you guys are ready to see some gorillas and leopards when you come to visit! I strongly advice bug repellent, the strong kind, well I recommend that for any part of Africa lol. Another ED volunteer is being placed about 2 hours away from me in a village called Demako.

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